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Introducing the Special Situations Refinance Program

Difficult financial situations are a fact of life, and we all go through them from time to time. If you've been declined for a mortgage refinance because of your credit, a foreclosure, excessive late payments or a bankruptcy, you know that the Lending Industry does not work well with situations like your own, because most mortgage lenders are limited to traditional loans. And while your rates keep adjusting and your payments keep increasing, your current lender's idea of helping you get caught up is by putting you in a payment agreement paying one and a half to two times as much each month.

There is a better way to get caught up on your late mortgage payments, consolidate high interest credit card and personal debt, avoid foreclosure, improve your credit and get back on the road to financial security with a Fresh Start and a Clean Slate. When traditional mortgages fall flat, you can now refinance using a Special mortgage program specifically designed to work with Special Situations like your own.

Unlike traditional home loan refinancing, Special Situations refinancing helps you qualify for the cash you need to achieve your goals by putting less emphasis on your credit score or mortgage payment history. Instead, these loans are based on the hard equity in your home. If you 40% or more equity in your property at today's fair market value (the price you would expect to get if you had to sell your home in 30 to 60 days), you may qualify for a refinance, whether you have a 400 credit score or an 800 score, even if you're in foreclosure.

Because it's based primarily on your home equity, Special Situations refinancing is a great choice even if your credit score is not under 500 or you have no foreclosure pending, especially if you have a large or super jumbo million dollar mortgage.

Special Situations Mortgage Refinancing is Available for:

Some of the Features & Benefits of this Refinance Program are:

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NEW! Special Situations Refinance Program

Below 500 Credit,  Foreclosure Refinance & Super Jumbo Bad Credit Home Mortgages

Special Situations call for a Special Refinance Program. Whether you have a $4,000,000 jumbo mortgage to refinance with Fair or Bad credit, an under 500 FICO Credit Score, a pending Foreclosure, or are 90, 120 or more days behind on your mortgage, We Can Help

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